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>i have an advanced question. Does anyone know how to control 
>mouse pointer in FrameMaker. FM has its own mouse pointer set 
>up i.e. it displays different pointer depending on an object 
>selected. I would like to expand this to custom made objects - 
>i.e. give a cursor different appearance when it is hovered 
>over a specific type of an object.

You can do this with Windows "hook" functions.  Look
up the way to use them in MSDN Help (comes with VS 6+)
under SetWindowsHookEx.  In essence, you intercept the
message from Windows to Frame, then use the WinAPI to
decide whether to change something or pass the message 
on, or both.  This applies to any Windows program; it
isn't Frame-specific.

For the mouse, you get told where it is, but figuring
out what is under it is your job.  You can get the
handle of the topmost window there, but Windows itself
has no idea what Frame is displaying at that point,
and Frame won't tell you in the FDK.  Hmmm...  ;-)

Good luck!

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