Lin Sims wrote: 

> FrameMaker 8
> Windows XP SP3
> I have a a couple of .png graphics that I copied to a Master Page.
> Every time I use the right-click menu to select Object Properties,
> Frame crashes. I tried converting the graphics to GIF but got the same
> result.
> These same graphics will, sometimes but not reproducibly always (at
> least not that I've noticed), disappear, leaving a grey box behind. So
> far that's been fixable by reimporting the page layout from elsewhere,
> but I'd rather not have to worry about that happening.

Just a guess: You said you "copied" them -- did you by chance _paste_
them into FM? If so (depending on your ClipboardFormatPriorities setting
in maker.ini), you may have inserted them as embedded OLE objects. You
do _not_ want that. It brings along a ton of overhead from the
application associated with PNG files on your system. And it can be
quite unstable, especially in a low-memory, low-resource situation.

If you pasted them (or used File > Import > Object), delete them and
insert them properly, using the File > Import > File command and
selecting Copy into Document. 

Someone suggested saving as 8-bit PNG. IMHO, that's a bad idea, too. The
file size savings is remarkably small. And 8-bit color uses a 256-color
palette. All the defined palette colors (like RGB 150,88,127) in all
your PNGs get added to the FM document's list of defined colors. A bit
of a nuisance, if you ask me.


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