I've learned recently that the contract I've worked under for the past 6 or so 
years is going to expire and not be renewed. So, for the first time in quite a 
while, I will be back on the market. I have been considering incorporating, 
because I do not like having a third-party company interjecting itself between 
me and my client, making me a W-2, and skimming a little for their "trouble."

My question is whether asserting that I wish to work corp-to-corp would be more 
of a hindrance than it's worth. Some colleagues I've discussed this with have 
indicated that the market for this type of employment arrangement is drying up, 
and that more and more companies are demanding a third-party "body shop" to 
interpose, and thus provide them with some (illusory) protection from Vizcaino 

So, before I drop well over a thousand in fees to incorporate, I would like to 
hear your experiences in negotiating corp-to-corp as a freelance tech writer, 
good, bad, or ugly. I am especially interested if any of you have recent 
experiences from the EDA world to relate.

Obviously, because this is wildly off-topic, I must request that you DO NOT 
respond to the whole list. If you are reading this at all, it's a testament to 
the extreme indulgence of the moderator.

Thanks in advance,


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