Just to let you know, all of our plug-ins (including Super Find) are  
compatible with Frame 8. When you find a plug-in on the list, I  
suggest you go to the developer's website to find out about the most  
current version. The list is great, but I imagine quite difficult to  
keep current.

By the way, thanks to Scott Prentice for creating this fabulous  

Robert Stoker
Seatech Publications, Inc.

> Hi Framiacs,
> Is there a super find/change that is compatible with FrameMaker 8,
> officially or unofficially? I have seen a couple in these lists,  
> but they do
> not appear to be compatible with 8.0. Anyone know better?
> Regarding your list, Scott, very helpful but it would be really  
> great if you
> could organize your plugin list by Framemaker compatibility . . . I  
> run
> unstructured Framemaker 8 and it was hard to go through your list,  
> and I was
> not confident that typing "8" in the keyword field was going to do  
> the job.
> Thanks!
> Robert

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