Hello Framers,
Been using ATM for years. FrameMaker has this autoactivation option in it which 
is only compatible with ATM. I.e. when you install a font - it gets picked up 
by FrameMaker instantly. I'm trying Extensis Suitcase now and noticed that 
unless I restart FrameMaker - the fonts wouldn't show up and no messages would 
pop up that the new fonts are installed. ATM is all good when one is using a 
stable set of fonts. But what if I'm having about 20 differently mapped fonts 
and depending on a language I would just install the fonts for that language. 
Fonts are with the same names. In this wise I don't have to make changes in the 
template documents. ATM only allows 1 version of a font (plus adds a confusion 
if you install true type and type1 version of the same font). I'm trying to 
swap over to Suitcase but then there is this bug with not activating fonts 
immediately (besides that it can't export/import set).

Does anyone know how to go about it?

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