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FONTSDate: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 17:45:09 +0200

Dear Dov,thanks for such an extensive answer. I had no idea. What handles it so 
far is de-activating, activating a set. Then it gets picked up by Frame too. I 
probably will set it up so when i add font it is not activated and then click 
activate and all will be good. Do you think its a good idea to go with extensis 
or is ATM a prefered font manager? Michael

> From: isaacs at> To: biozaichenko at; framers at 
>> Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2008 18:06:57 -0700> Subject: RE: 
> ACTIVATING FONTS> > Michael,> > Contrary to what you may believe, FrameMaker 
> has no "autoactivation"> option it it. Like other Windows applications, when 
> a font is added to> the system, via Windows' standard "Add Fonts" control 
> panel option or> via ATM (or for that matter any font manager that properly 
> interfaces> with Windows), Windows' underlying font system sends a message to 
> all> open applications advising of a change in the font system. An 
> application> may then choose to query the system for all available fonts 
> (font enumeration).> > If adding a font via Extensis Suitcase does not 
> properly get notification> to applications about the change in the available 
> fonts, it is likely an> issue with Suitcase.> > By the way, you are misusing 
> the term "autoactivation." The term> "autoactivation" would refer to the 
> scenario whereby your document (in this> case, a FrameMaker document) refers 
> to a font that isn't currently installed> on your system. "Autoactivation" 
> would cause the font manager to look for> the desired font in its own private 
> collection of available, but not installed> fonts, and if such a font was 
> available, automatically and immediately install> that font on the system and 
> advise the application of its availability.> > For better or worse, such an 
> "autoactivation" capability normally requires> "cooperation" (i.e., a 
> programming interface) with the application programs> that could make use of 
> same. Neither FrameMaker nor ATM support any> "autoactivation" mechanism.> > 
> - Dov> > > -----Original Message-----> > From: Michael Zaichenko> > Sent: 
> Saturday, September 06, 2008 11:20 AM> >> > Hello Framers,> > Been using ATM 
> for years. FrameMaker has this autoactivation option in it which is only 
> compatible> > with ATM. I.e. when you install a font - it gets picked up by 
> FrameMaker instantly. I'm trying> > Extensis Suitcase now and noticed that 
> unless I restart FrameMaker - the fonts wouldn't show up and no> > messages 
> would pop up that the new fonts are installed. ATM is all good when one is 
> using a stable set> > of fonts. But what if I'm having about 20 differently 
> mapped fonts and depending on a language I would> > just install the fonts 
> for that language. Fonts are with the same names. In this wise I don't have 
> to> > make changes in the template documents. ATM only allows 1 version of a 
> font (plus adds a confusion if> > you install true type and type1 version of 
> the same font). I'm trying to swap over to Suitcase but> > then there is this 
> bug with not activating fonts immediately (besides that it can't 
> export/import> > set).> >> > Does anyone know how to go about it?> >> > 
> Michael

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