This time I agree fully with Art!

On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 8:24 AM, Art Campbell <art.campbell at> wrote:
> As interesting as the thread on XML is (and it is), the OP didn't ask
> anything about, or related to, XML. So we're experiencing some basic
> thread drift.
> He's asking about moving from a technical publishing tool to a
> design-driven tool, but not providing any details on why, or what
> features he uses, or needs, or any other useful details.
> So other than saying that "Yes, you can do it, but unless you require
> something that ID offers that FM doesn't it probably isn't worth the
> bother," it's really difficult to go further than that. IMHO, of
> course.

It would be great to hear from the original poster, as well as anyone
else who's considering making the move, or who is trying to make the
move, about what's absolutely essential, what's been troublesome to
adjust to, and what adjustments were smooth.


Peter Gold
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