Gotta say, after Peter's run through, that I am considering trying out  
CS3 on an existing project that is mostly gnarly tables, cross  
references, and list and index markers.

While it sounds great that ID is now able to perform most core  
functions it is with concern that some are only available with the  
addition of plug-ins. How will this affect backward compatibility for  
old and archived files?

The backward compatibility in FM is one of its greatest strengths, for  
instance I have in the last couple of days been doing stuff with FM  
files I have not seen for 8 years. FM has no problem with working with  
these but I doubt that ID+various plug-ins would behave as nicely. One  
of the great pleasures of flicking QuarkXPress off the system was also  
saying good bye to the incessant problems I had with Xtensions'  
missing warnings, I would not want to put myself back into that  
situation with ID. On the other extreme, that is why I also produce a  
fair amount in LaTeX - for the fact that if all else fails, it is only  
text but ID is not.


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