Adobe (and many other companies) must learn that many writers use products on 
different computers at different times, and their approach puts hurdles in the 
way of honest customers. There must be a technological way to prevent the same 
application from being used by two different people at the same time. That is 
the solution, not a policy that fails to keep up with the needs of the customer 

ymmv, etc


From: on behalf of Dov Isaacs
Sent: Fri 9/12/2008 11:46 AM
To: framers; Graeme R Forbes
Subject: RE: InDesign as a replacement for Framemaker


Don't count on getting that extra activation. The EULA is quite clear
in terms of how many systems - two - you may simultaneously install and
activate simultaneously and that you may legally only execute on one of
those at any time. I hardly see how your request is related to "natural
justice" any more or less than a request to also allow simultaneous
activation of the same license of FrameMaker on computers used by other
members of your family.

        - Dov

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Rick Quatro
> Sent: Friday, September 12, 2008 5:33 AM
> Hi Graeme,
> FrameMaker now has "activation" with version 8.
> Rick Quatro
> Carmen Publishing Inc
> 585-659-8267
> > One really maddening issue is "activation". A single-user license
> > only lets you have 2 activations, so if like me you have a home
> > desktop, an office desktop, and a laptop, something has to give. I'm
> > going to try to appeal to Adobe's sense of natural justice to get a
> > third activation for my laptop. Pray for me.
> >
> > Graeme Forbes

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