OK Folks,

Here's a basic question for the gurus/experts.  I've been using FM for a
number of years now, but recently I'm trying to do something that I
haven't done before so I'm not sure of the best way to achieve my

The document I am authoring from scratch is an entry-level type document
that deals mostly with system concepts and strategies.  It will link to
already extant procedures in the online help, installation guides,

The document will be delivered as both a stand-alone PDF, and as part of
a merged help set produced with WWP2003.

One of the things my manager wants is a threaded/running
"Example/Scenario" section that will appear in various portions of the
book that will explain the concepts in terms of an actual example.  

Basically, this means introducing the Example scenario in the beginning
of the guide and corresponding sections of text in various and
subsequent chapters.

I want this content to appear with a light gray background.  How do I do

Here's what I've thought of:

Inserting a one-cell table with a gray background wherever this type of
content appears.  Problem (which may have its own solution): The one
cell table is essentially 1 row, and it doesn't appear that you can
break a row across a page.

Adding a text frame for this content (from the graphics toolbar).  Seems
do-able, as I can control the dimensions and background color of the
text frame.  Only problem is WWP tends to put text frames at the end of
the chapter and not at the location in which they appear in the FM

Anyone have a good solution for this?  Like I said, we've never wanted
to do this type of thing before, so I am likely missing something
obvious.  I'm not averse to using the help or other references...but my
searches thus far have been hindered by not knowing a good keyword to
start with.  Alternatively, am I missing something obvious?  Is there a
paragraph style for background color that I've managed to miss

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