Thanks everyone, for the suggestions!

I went with the single-column, multiple rows table approach.  

Now I get to beat WWP into submission!


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I'd make a table format and set it up that way. Then you don't have 
any manual operations other than adding an additional row cell to 
break across pages.


At 2:08 PM -0400 9/12/08, Art Campbell wrote:
>The way I'd deal with it is your table method. The usual way to allow
>or force row/table breaks across pages is to use a multi-row single
>column table with reasonable size text snippets in each row. Then use
>custom ruling to eliminate the inter-row rules so that it appears to
>be a single row. Yes, you have to do it manually, but if it's not a
>big deal unless you're constantly doing twiddles to the content that
>affect the size of the cells.
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