I tweaked my .dll file to use different font and now, by activating different 
versions of this font I get Greek, Cyrillic and Baltic characters.


> Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 16:07:58 +0000> From: jopakent at comcast.net> To: 
> maxwell.hoffmann at welocalize.com; milan.lists at gmail.com> Subject: Greek 
> Characters in Frame dialog boxes> CC: framers at lists.frameusers.com> > 
> Maxwell, I saw a post in yesterday's digest (from Milan D)asking about an 
> unanswered post from you regarding pasting Greek characters into Frame dialog 
> boxes (indexing in your case, I think). > > I had a similar post some time 
> ago and one of the responses I got suggested that tho the characters would 
> appear in the dialog box as gibberish, Frame would render them properly if I 
> let it proceed. > > The doc I was working with was so short and I had already 
> fixed the few instances manually, so I didn't proceed with that route. I 
> think I tested it tho and it seem to recall it working. > > Perhaps you could 
> share with Milan how you ended up resolving your issue. I expect I'll run 
> into this again in the future, and next time I may need a more robust 
> solution.> > Regards,> > J. Paul Kent > 206-383-0539 > 
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