Celine Deguire wrote: 

> Has anyone installed multiple versions of FM on a PC? I am looking to
> install FM 7.2 alongside FM 8 since I need to convert some legacy docs
> using
> WWP Pro 7.06.
> I was able to tweak the WWP registers and FM maker.ini file to
> communication between FM 8 and WWPPro 7.06. However, when I attempt to
> generate HTML from the unstructured sources, the XRefs within a book
> between multi-volumes are not generated into links. The WWP log
> errors for each of the XRefs

Multiple versions of FM have never been a problem. It's very
well-behaved in that regard. 

But WWP 7.0 doesn't even work with FM 7.x, much less FM 8. I believe you
need WebWorks ePublisher Pro 9.0 to work with FM 7.2 (at least, I've
used ePP 9.0 with FM 7.2, so I know it works). To use WWP 7.0, you'd
have to drop back to FM 6. 


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