No problems with side-by-side installations of multiple versions of FM.

Just remember that if you open an FM 7.2 document with FM 8, then it
converts the file to the new format and will, I believe, make that file
unusable in FM 7.2 from that point on.

Also if you install 7.2 after installing 8, then the default file
extension (when clicking on the file in Explorer) opens with version
7.2, so you will need to change that later.


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> Subject: Installing FM 7.2 and FM 8.0 on a PC
> Hello Framers
> Has anyone installed multiple versions of FM on a PC? I am looking to
> install FM 7.2 alongside FM 8 since I need to convert some legacy docs
> WWP Pro 7.06.
> I was able to tweak the WWP registers and FM maker.ini file to
> communication between FM 8 and WWPPro 7.06. However, when I attempt to
> generate HTML from the unstructured sources, the XRefs within a book
> between multi-volumes are not generated into links. The WWP log
> errors for each of the XRefs
> Regards
> Celine

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