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>Need to repurpose your content for HTML or other like formats. Custom
>(vector) fonts don't work in a rasterized online world. You need to find
>a way to substitute back in either a vector-based graphic which can be
>auto-scaled in products like ePublisher or even FrameMaker's very flawed
>Save-As-HTML function, or substitute a raster file (JPEG) for each
>occurrence of a custom font character. We are looking at several very
>expensive solutions to permit us to offer HTML and similar deliverables
>(you don't want to know what we do and how much we currently spend to
>convert a document to HTML).

You don't need an expensive solution for that.  Mif2Go, at
$295 per seat, lets you map any character in any font, or 
group of fonts, to a graphic, or indeed to any HTML or XML 
code you please.  See the User's Guide, par. 20.5.6, "Mapping 
characters in a special font", for the details.  For example:

; Frame font name = section to use for mapping chars in that font
Wingdings = WingChars

; char n maps to a square bullet, char p to a graphic:
n = x25a0
p = <img src="emptybox.gif">

You can download the free unlimited demo version of Mif2Go,
and the User's Guide in numerous formats, from:

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