I trust this posting is appropriate for the list serve. 

We're looking for a freelancer for a single assignment who has a strong
working knowledge of Adobe FrameMaker. We have a trade publication laid
out in FrameMaker about seven years ago. We've revised it (in Word) and
need the edits managed into a revised edition in FrameMaker. This
requires a strong working knowledge of the software and its features.
The assignment will include managing and updating extensive
cross-referencing, indexing, and other aspects. We are also looking at a
subsequent conversion of the FrameMaker files to a dynamic PDF, for
release as an e-book (or extensively hyperlinked PDF). 

We expect the layout work will need to be done in early-mid October. 

Please reply only if you have worked in FrameMaker extensively, are
reliable and professional, and are attentive to detail. This is a
short-term assignment. We would consider either a fixed price or an
hourly rate. And, of course, please reply to me off-list. 


Anker Heegaard

anker at compassgroup.net

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