Your post confuses me a bit. As I read it, you have two separate 
columns on the page, do you mean your master page has two columns?

If so, then the run-in headings won't work. If you are using a single 
column master page with a run-in heading and a paragraph following 
it, then Stuart's comment is correct and equalizing the font, line 
spacing, above and below spaces, should correct your problem.


At 9:16 AM +0100 9/18/08, Roger Jones wrote:
>I'm glad to be back after a long absence from Framers, and I am still on FM
>I have a problem with run-in headings in a double-column format. All paras
>are set to 10pt fixed and there is no line feathering, but the run-in heads
>are misaligning the baselines across columns. A page full of text with no
>headings has perfect alignment; add a run-in heading and the right-hand
>column goes out of alignment from that point onwards. Setting columns to
>balance makes no difference.
>I need the run-ins because I want two paras on the same line, with
>automatic running heads picking up on one of them and not the other.
>Any clues, anyone?
>All the best
>Roger Jones

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