I recall seeing this problem on FM 7.0, although it wasn't related 
specifically to run-in heads, but to having any heading in the first 
column-- and, offhand, I can only remember it happening when the very first 
line of the first column was a heading. I can't find a document exhibiting 
the behavior right now. I am on FM8, now, and maybe it's no longer an issue. 
But I did find a note I made on solving the problem:

"Unchecking the Fixed Line Spacing checkbox fixes the column alignment 
problem, but then text containing superscripts and subscripts causes 
problems with line spacing instead."

Maybe that will help point your toward a fix, but be aware that I may have 
made other changes that affected the behavior, after I made the above note.

Mike Wickham

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Subject: Problem with run-in heads

> I'm glad to be back after a long absence from Framers, and I am still on 
> FM
> 7.0p579.
> I have a problem with run-in headings in a double-column format. All paras
> are set to 10pt fixed and there is no line feathering, but the run-in 
> heads
> are misaligning the baselines across columns. A page full of text with no
> headings has perfect alignment; add a run-in heading and the right-hand
> column goes out of alignment from that point onwards. Setting columns to
> balance makes no difference.
> I need the run-ins because I want two paras on the same line, with
> automatic running heads picking up on one of them and not the other.
> Any clues, anyone?
> All the best
> Roger Jones
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