Hi Fred,

Since you have FrameScript, you can use something like this to access and 
change the special track changes conditions.

Set oDoc = ActiveDoc;
// Get the special condition format object.
Get Object Type(CondFmt) Name('FM8_TRACK_CHANGES_ADDED')
  DocObject(oDoc) NewVar(oCondFmt);
// Change the style to numeric underline and change bars.
Set oCondFmt.StyleOverride = CnNmricAndChngbar;
// Change the color to Blue.
Get Object Type(Color) Name('Blue') DocObject(oDoc)
Set oCondFmt.SepOverride = oColor;

What is interesting is that changes to these conditions won't survive after 
you save, close, and reopen the document. To make the changes "permanent" 
you can set up an event script that is triggered whenever a document is 
opened. This event script would call the code (like above) that changes the 
condition format settings.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc

> Is there a way to change the color/underline scheme for change tracking
> in Frame 8?
> Just as an aside, the implementation is a little odd. It basically works
> like a special kind of conditional text, but you can't get at it through
> the normal means of working with conditional text. However, I have a
> framescript that I use occasionally to strip all conditions out of a
> document and does affect the change-tracked text, which I found out
> rather painfully when I ended up with a royal mishmosh of a document.
> Fred
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