I am having a problem using mif2go to save FM files as rtf, but I am
suspicious that the problem is with FM.

Recently I have noticed that when I save a FM file some times I get an error
message, something like "graphics have not been saved"; the saved file's
name is filename.fm.threelettersorcharacters, e,g, filename.fm.1A2. I have
to delete the 1A2 manually.

I just saved 03 DB Management.fm as 03DBManagement.fm because the mif2go
Help says spaces are bad in a file name to be converted, but what resulted
was 03DBManagement.fm.701.

(Never have I had a problem saving a FM file with spaces in its name as RTF
using mif2togo, eg, 03 DB Management.fm, but I was following the mif2go Help

Why am I getting these three-letter-and-number-combination suffixes when I
save a FM file?

FM 6.0p405
XP Pro 2002 SP 3
Pentium D CPU 2.80GHz 2.80GHz, 0.99GB RAM

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