Win XP SP2, P4 Extreme Ed. 3.46GHz + 3.47GHz 2GB, FM 8.0p277

Thanks to Rick Quattro, I am now aware of the backslash issue in dialog
boxes and have a workaround within scripts. However, I need to create an
hypertext command and do not know how to work around this issue. The
hypertext command ?openlink
D:\Docs\Products\CARDIO\DAR-9400f\M517-E063L-E099D_DAR-9400f Ops
Manuals_v3.0\ 998348? becomes ?openlink
D:?ocs\Products\CARDIO?AR-9400f\sm517-E063L-E099D_DAR-9400f Ops
Manuals_v3.0? 998348? where ?\D? becomes ??? and ?\M?
becomes ?\sm?. If I use the ?openObjectId? command, the backslashes are not
replaced but the link does not work.

Does anyone knows a good  work around for this issue?


Richard Pesant

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