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>Thanks to everyone who responded. The answer seems to be upgrading to
>the most recent version because WW 9.2 doesn't officially support Frame
>8 & Frame 7 doesn't support Russian.

Actually, we've been doing Russian for years in FM7 and even
FM6.  You just need to use a Cyrillic font; any of the fonts
with names ending in CYR will do (Windows code page 1251).

FM8 improves the Russian support, by using Unicode directly.
But you can do almost everything you can do in FM8 in the
earlier versions.  The only difference I recall is that two
fairly obscure characters used in the Ukrainian dialect
were inaccessible because Frame reserved their code points
in the Cyrillic font mapping.

Mif2Go, BTW, works with all versions of Frame and handles 
Cyrillic just fine.  You might want to try it (free):
It's a lot less expensive than the ePP upgrade, and does 
more for you.  IMHO.  ;-)

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