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Subject: RE: FM 9 Keyboard Shortcuts (ATTN: R. Jacquez!)
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2009 08:23:00 -0700
From: RJ Jacquez <>

Hi Stuart, I'm looking into useful keyboard shortcuts and will report 
back asap.

BTW, I'm a huge keyboard shortcut kind of fm user since I've been using 
the product for a long time now, way before it became an Adobe product, 
and I can share with you that I'm liking the new UI a lot, mostly 
because of the new workspaces, which enable me to quickly save pods 
where I need them and then save these into various workspaces, which I 
can switch between them depending on what I'm doing.

What I like to see if the ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to each 
workspace so that I can switch between them quickly.  I have already 
submitted this request internally.

I'm also a big fan of "Alt+" keyboard shortcuts, so when I need to put 
the focus on the Align Pod for example, I still use my old Alt+G+A and 
then select the proper alignment from the Pod by using my arrow keys, 
for example.  Another good one for Anchored Frames is Alt+S+A.  Once 
there, I can use my Tab key and arrow keys, etc.

I'll keep you posted about more Pod-related keyboard shortcuts.


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