Jing Torralba wrote: 

> I use the same technique that Linda uses, and I want to add that if the
> list changes, you need to make manual adjustments to the table to
> redistribute your bulleted list, ie, balance them out.

I, too, think a borderless table is the way to go, especially if this need is 
one-time or quite infrequent. 

Yes, there are manual adjustments to make when the bullet list changes. One 
decision you need to consider is whether to put one bullet item per cell (many 
rows) or use a one-row table (however many columns you want across) with many 
bullets per cell. The latter won't span pages, of course, but requires less 

Alan's idea of using multiple columns has a great deal of merit if this will be 
a quite long section, or if the need is frequent. But it really requires 
setting up a template with this in mind -- changing all your "everyday" tags 
(body, headings, numbered lists, ordinary bullets, etc., etc.) to span columns, 
and creating special tags for multi-column use. 

I've never done more than a short (less than half-page) multi-column list like 
this, and that only rarely, so the table solution was far quicker and simpler 
for me. YMMV, of course. 


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