Replying to Stephen O'Brien, Richard Combs wrote:
> You don't need to. Unless you specify a char format, the variable
> automatically assumes the default pgf font. The only time you need to
> explicitly assign <Default P Font> is to turn off a previously invoked
> char format, as in a variable definition like this: 
> <BoldOnly>DOLL<Default P Font>CAR 
> And in that case, I'd try the <Default P Font> alias that works in
> dialog boxes: <\> 

Richard is absolutely correct about not needing to include the Default ? Font 
switch in a variable definition. In fact, it can be undesirable if you need to 
insert the variable into a string that has some character format applied to it 
because the variable will appear in the paragraph's base font format rather 
than the applied character format.

But I do have to correct one small detail in Richard's message: the alias for 
the Default ? Font switch in a variable definition uses a forward slash rather 
than a backslash.

-Fred Ridder


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