>> * IMPORTANT: while Enhance can be installed onto FrameMaker 8, it is 
>> not supported. Users have reported application instability when 
>> running Enhance on FM8.
>> * Enhance 2.04 released. Now supports FrameMaker 7.0 and Windows XP.
> Most obvious from what you experience the plug-in Enhance has problems 
> with non-ASCII characters, and those are treated differently in 
> Unicode-FrameMaker.

The instability that I have experienced is that occasionally the Enhance 
window will not launch or it dies.  As the content is stored in the FM 
document, no harm is done.  The ASCII/ISO Latin/Unicode conversions are 
probably a problem as you suggest, but there are many examples of the 
same characters that were not converted.  Curiously, when these 
characters are part of an xref format or variable, they are also 
corrupted in the same way, suggesting that it is an FM8 problem, as you 
cannot monkey with variables and xrefs from within Enhance.

Adobe support spotted the post and wrote suggesting I check my 
SmartQuotes settings in maker.ini.  I have set the required quote 
characters to


instead of using the \x? notation.  Let's see if that works.  Very 
sporadic so results might be weeks or months.



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