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>I've got a HUGE FrameMaker-file (880 MB!) which I converted from Word. Of
>course, all images are "copied into document", which is the reason why it's
>so big.
>Does anyone have a Framescript he/she wishes to share which removes all
>images from the frames, but which also leaves the AFrames intact?

Hi Yves!  You already have a tool that does this, Mif2Go.  ;-)

Set it to export all graphics, per User's Guide par. 2.5.3, 
"Replacing embedded graphics with referenced graphics".
Then go through the doc in Frame; as you come to each 
graphic, select it (the image, *not* the anchored frame),
identify the appropriate exported image (which is in the 
original format it had when imported), and File > Import.
You won't have to fix your scaling or anything else.

BTW, for others with this issue, it also works fine
in the demo version; you don't need to buy a copy of
Mif2Go to use it for this purpose.


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