We are using Framemaker 8 (unstructured) to revise a manual and I want 
to do something I know how to do in Word but can't figure out how to do 
in Frame.

The chapter I'm working on has about 100 pages of standard 8 1/2 x 11 
text and graphics followed by 27 different ledger-sized (11x17) 
diagrams. Right now we have the graphics shrunk down and rotated 
sideways, but our SMEs are complaining they are too small to read. 
What's the best way people have found to integrate large diagrams in to 
a manual? I tried doing it as a separate chapter in the book, but even 
though I open both chapters, the cross-references are showing as 
unresolved. In Word I'd put in a section break, change the page size, 
and tweak the headers and footers but (since I have had very little 
training in Frame) I have no clue how to do this in Frame.

Help me Framemaker mavens, you're my only hope.

Eva Whitley, ETOSS Contract
SSMC-2, 16129

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