Hi Gillian,

There are two different plugins that do this, each with slightly different
functionality. First, you can try the Character and Paragraph tools at
http://www.siliconprairiesoftware.com/Downloads.html.  These tools will scan
every FM file in your and then delete any unused character and paragraph
formats. I have used these tools with success. You would probably want to
use this if you are only doing template maintenance.

Second, there is CleanImport at
http://www.electropubs.com/ez_cleanimport3.html. This tool deletes all
paragraph and character tag names, table definitions, cross-reference
formats, conditional text tags, master pages, reference pages, and variable
definitions from the current document, then allows you to import formats
from a selected template. You would probably want to use this tool if you
are completely redoing your template.


Joseph Lorenzini

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