We abandoned WebWorks in favor of Mif2Go a couple of years ago. Mif2Go can do 
more things and is much cheaper. It doesn't look as slick and was harder to 
learn to the 80% mark, but WebWorks always had some bizarre things that I never 
did get used to.
Mif2Go has awesome support, which WebWorks never could say when I was using it. 
After switching to Mif2Go I was able to add some additional deliverables that I 
think WebWorks could not produce, like an images-only library that Sales uses 
instead of pestering me for screenshots, and MS Word output that I am using to 
set up kits for the customer to use when rolling out our product to end-users.
The biggest drawback is the (virtual lack of a) user interface. Once you grok 
how it all works and you get used to using the massive, comprehensive user 
guide, then you can work miracles with it.
IMO the bottom line was the initial learning curve for the rational Mif2Go was 
well worth it compared to the irrational (to me) WebWorks weirdnesses, like 
that annoying splash screen.
ymmv, etc


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Subject: Usage of WebWorks (ePublisher)

Sorry for sloppy subject line in my previous post. Here it is again, slightly 

At this late date, I am getting my first chance to use Webworks Standard 
Edition 7.0 to create HTML Help. Out of curiosity, is WebWorks still in common 
use? Has it been surpassed by other tools? I'm wondering how much effort to put 
into learning this, or if it would be as wise as really immersing myself in an 
ancient copy of ForeHelp.

Any knowledge on this topic greatly appreciated.


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