Jeremy wrote: 

> I just checked in the FM7 book Sarah O'Keefe wrote, and it 
> appears Webworks *Standard*, the one Nancy was "required"
> to use, does not even support HTML Help at all. You'd have
> to use the regular HTML output, then create the index, toc,
> project file, alias and map files by hand, or at best do it
> with HTML Help Workshop, which is almost as bad.

Right you are! Webworks 7.0 Standard simply chops up the Framemaker file into 
HTML files at the level you specify (ChapTitle, Heading1, Heading2) and also 
saves all your graphics as .gif files with major color and pixellation problems 
(and also restores all scaled drawings to their original, in some cases 
immense, proportions).

You then load all these files into HTML Help Workshop and manually create a 
TOC, which includes typing in a name for each book and topic (I have only a 
couple hundred HTML files, so this didn't take too long. Not in comparison to 
the project I have coming up, anyway . . . )

Now I  am trying to find out why my Note, Caution, and Warning icon graphics 
have become as big as tablecloths and what I can do about them. 

I see so many things I could make so much better if I had the time and the 
right tools, but alas, it is not to be.

But wait! Jeremy wrote:

If the client is merely trying to save money by using a
"free" tool, we'll *give* her a copy of Mif2Go. Nobody
should have to go through that process to keep a job...

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
<jeremy at>

Jeremy, do you really mean it? I would be thrilled. I think I could convince 
them to accept it. I think.


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