Hi FrameMaker template designers

For graphics with captions, I use a dedicated table tag, and I see two ways
to do this:

   1. Put the graphic in the Heading row and the caption in the Body row.
   The caption and the graphic will always stay together and you can give the
   heading and body rows different ruling/shading. Obviously, when you resize
   the table column width, the text of the caption wraps nicely.
   2. Put the graphic in the body row and use a Table Title for the caption.
   This gives you the option to change the position of the Table Titles for all
   tables (above or below table). Sometimes, however, I have noticed that the
   "frame" (well, it's not really a "frame") which holds this Table Title does
   not automatically adjust itself to the width of the table.

I'd like to know which approach you use and whether you have had any
problems with either one of them in FrameMaker 7.2, 8 or 9, also when you
later convert your FM files to:

   - HTML-based output, using tools like MIF2Go, RoboHelp (TCS), WebWorks
   ePublisher etc.
   - DITA, where <title> is a child element of <fig> and <table>.


Yves Barbion

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