Hi Verner, 

I take also the screenshots in other languages. Translators
could not deal with our software, and if I had to explain
how they could open a specific window, I rather do it myself.
I have a multilingual Windows, so that all buttons (also
buttons like Cancel) will have the correct language.

I do not scale any screenshot in a picture editor. And I also
do not have screenshots of parts of windows. Thus windows in
other languages have the same size. Screenshots are only
scaled in FrameMaker. If I exchange the screenshot of a
language with that of another language in another size,
no rescaling is needed. I use EPS for the import in FrameMaker.

I know that some people request scaling in a picture editor
as part of their workflow. In my oppinion this is a waste
of time. The scaling is done in the Distiller.

Best regards


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> Subject: Off topic: Helping translators with localised screen shots
> My English manual with 300+ screen shots is now going to be 
> updated and
> then translated into 6 languages. The screen shots are to be 
> localized.
> I use SnagIt 7.2.3.
> I plan to give them my English manual with the English screen shots as
> links. The idea is that they replace the English screen shots with the
> localised ones.
> I realize that I may help the translators in different ways, 
> so that it
> is easier for them to get the screen shots into Framemaker without
> having to rescale them.
> Maybe I should have 2 or 3 standard. dpi settings for 
> imported graphics?
> Which ones do you suggest?
> For some screens I have minimized the application window before I take
> the screen shot in order to display all screen texts in a readable way
> in Framemaker.
> What are your guidelines for translators who are to take screen shots?
> What are you guidelines for importing screen shots into Framemaker?
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