The unavailalbe font message may come about for a number of reasons including 
hidden fonts in unused formats (both paragraph and character) or formats not 
saved in the catalogs (such as frequently happens with generic "header" and 
"footer" tags), table cells, text in certain graphic types, character formats 
used in cross-referecne definitions, and so forth.?? These can appear on master 
and reference pages as well as body pages, or not a page at all (as in formats 
saved in table definitions.? This can also be an artifact of content imported 
from another tools (such as MS Word).

If you are positive that everything is Arial, you can fix this file by first 
unchecking the option in Frame? to remember missing fonts (File > Preferences > 
General) and then opening and resaving the file.? Naturally, you need to have 
Arial installed on the machine in use and not just available via it being 
avaialbe on the currently selected printer.

As for the Appendix titles, is the setup for the chapters and the appedices the 
same - that each uses a single "chapter title" or "appendix title" paragraph?? 
My suspicion is that the appedices are different and use? one tag for the 
number and a second tag for the actual title text, and that paragraph is not 
set to becme a bookmark via the PDF setup in the print dialog.? 

? Les Smalley

--- On Sat, 4/25/09, Susan Curtzwiler <SusanCu at> wrote:
Hi All, 

FrameMaker 7.0
Acrobat Distiller 5.0
Vista Enterprise on a Compaq laptop. 

I am working with a book file of 5 chapters and 2 appendices. 

I could please use help with two problems. 

1.? One of the chapters [ only this chapter]? will not compile - I get a 
message about unavailable fonts.? Everything is Arial. 

2. Regarding the Appendix title.? I have Appendix A and Appendix B showing up 
in the PDF file, side bar. 
? ? However, it does not show up with the full name of Appendix ___? in the 
actual TOC file. The Chapter titles work fine. 

Any insight will be helpful. 

Thank You

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