Susan Curtzwiler wrote:

> Summary:
>    1.  Removed the check mark to Remember Missing Font Names :
> File>Preferences>General - did not work.
>    2.  MIF wash - did not work.
>    3.  Checked all anchored frame and table tags - fixed two of them -
> generated a small test book file -- does not work.
>    4.  Checked Master and Reference pages - could not find any
problems.  I
> have only header information, very simple.
>    5. Used MIF again after the above fixes - still - I cannot run this
> chapter.
>  NOTE - it will run through just great as a lone file - outside of a
> file, but when added to a book file - the generate feature skips right
> it.

You need to open the file before generating/updating the book. In fact,
open all files (press Shift while you select File > Open All Files in

When you generate/update a book whose files are closed, FM has to
silently open them in the background. Missing fonts, graphics, etc. --
anything that normally opens a warning dialog that you have to
acknowledge or act upon -- prevent FM from opening the file in the


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