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>I currently use a program to dynamically generate a book and several .mif 
>files for its content. I have an index that needs to be generated, and of 
>course, Frame doesn't like it when I try to 'Update Book and generate lists 
>and indexes'. It states 'Couldn't update this book, because it contains no 
>openable nongenerated files.' I have to open all files in book, then save all 
>files in book (as fm) and confirms each file. It's a lot of clicking and I'm 
>hoping to find a way around this.
>Is there a way in Framemaker to batch convert all of these files back to fm, 
>or a method to continue to work purely with mif files? The mif files actually 
>have the .fm extension already.

The free Mif2Go demo version will do that for you.  No 
need to purchase Mif2Go for this; just download the demo 

Install the plugin (the two DLLs that go in your
\frame\fminit\plugins directory), delete .cache there
(if it is present), and start Frame.  Open your book,
and with Shift down, select File > Wash via MIF.  This
actually opens the .fm files (it's fine that they are 
really MIF), resaves as MIF, reopens those, and saves
them as .fm, all in a second or two, for the whole book.


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