Hi Linda,

That only puts a short bar with the paragraph and does not extend the  
full length of the anchored frame. Which is the really annoying thing.

This is what I have suggested and seems to have got around the problem  
unless something better emerges:
> In the past (in flight manuals, for example) we have resorted to
> putting an anchored frame that is the same height as the image's frame
> outside the column (on the same side as the change bars of course) and
> then using the line drawing tool to draw a vertical line in the
> anchored frame. This allows you to have the line follow the image if
> it reflows and can be easily deleted when required by deleting the
> anchored frame - you just have to remember to do that manually.

I was reminded of that approach by Dave (thanks).

It is not the best but does the job.


On 30/04/2009, at 10:18 AM, Linda G. Gallagher wrote:

> I believe that I've "faked it out" by enter a space in my anchor tag  
> for the
> anchored frame. I'm not in FM right now, but I think that will put the
> change bar along the entire anchored frame.

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