Dear Framers:
I have been enjoying unparalleled stability with my FM 8.p20? running on 
Vista Business edition (with all updates). I have now graduated to the 
Professional Communications Suite 2 and also bought FrameScript. I am a very 
happy camper, although surveying many learning curves.

Nevertheless, the stability of FM9 has encouraged me in my humble 
unstructured authoring style to take on a really ambitious project. 
Historians like me use primary documents, i.e.  eyewitness accounts as their 
building blocks in all their interpretations which are called secondary 
sources. This entails that few people can ever become historians because 
trips to archives are so expensive and intimidating that few venture back 
after their first visit.

I think I can fix that. I figured that primary documents can easily be fed 
into FM and then edited with footnotes and indexed with multiple indexes. 
Thus even I am providing only a glorified finding aid, I am still providing 
a huge, new and fast service to all would be-historians. All in pdf.

My first attempt is now in its second edition and is 7,000 pages long of 
which 1,000 pages were 7 indexes, viz. authors, persons, places, subjects, 
ships, titles and a timeline. The first edition was authored using PageMaker 
with a single index. With the second edition, using FM 8, I experienced 
problems (hangings or crashes) with the generation of all these heavily 
formatted indexes, some three levels deep. But I persevered and the CD is 
now on sale with clickable indexes and embedded Flash movies, etc.

Now with FM9 I have created a full suite of new documents of 42,000 pages, 
and when I say pages I mean real pages as in a 19th century book (300 words 
a page).

So my first question is. Does anyone know what the upper limits of FM9 are 
with regard to
                      a) number of subdocuments and
                     b) number and complexity of indexes.
                     c) total number of pages
Will Acrobat reader manage with all this?

Finally, does anyone with FM use two screens? I am unhappy with all these 
boxes and pods in FM9 and would like them all on a second screen (which I 
would have to buy). I have not learnt how to dock them yet. Any hints 
gratefully received.

Thanks to the organizers of this wonderful listserv.

Rob Shell

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>   1. Re: What Affects the Security Settings In Distiller?
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>   2. Re: Automating a Check for TradeMarks (Scott Prentice)
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> Fei Min,
> You wrote:
>>... We recently had to do a repair on the Adobe PDF print driver on the
>>build machine. Would that have had an effect on the security setting?
>>If we can't find the source of the change, does anyone have any
>>suggestions as to how we can make sure we have the right security
>>settings when we produce the manuals on the build machine using the
>>scripts? We have Timesavers, in case that will help.
> I have no access to Distiller 6 at the moment, but you should be able to
> specify security settings in Distiller (that will apply to all PDFs 
> created):
> In Distiller, choose Settings > Security (the options you see/set vary
> depending on the Acrobat version compatibility set in your current
> Distiller settings).
> Shlomo Perets
> MicroType,
> FrameMaker/Acrobat training & consulting * FM-to-Acrobat 
> TimeSavers/Assistants
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> Date: Mon, 03 Aug 2009 10:50:00 -0700
> From: Scott Prentice <sp at>
> Subject: Re: Automating a Check for TradeMarks
> Cc: framers at
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> Hi Joseph...
> I'm not aware of such a plugin. It's possible that one of the
> terminology checking or language validation tools might be able to do
> this. Have you tried the (free) SDL Author Assistant for FM9?
> I've not played with this yet so don't really know.
> If you do need such a plugin developed, I'd be glad to do it for you.
> Cheers,
> ...scott
> Scott Prentice
> Leximation, Inc.
> +1.415.485.1892
> Joseph Lorenzini wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am producing documentation using unstructured FrameMaker 9. I
>> produce over 22 documents, which equals close to a thousand pages of
>> complex material.
>> Here's my issue.
>> I am the sole tech writer for the product that I document. My company
>> follows the Agile SDLC. This means I am publishing documentation every
>> six weeks to two months. Due to the amount of documentation and the
>> aggressive deadlines, I am running into an issue with trademarks. My
>> company has very specific guidelines for how its TM and third party
>> TMs are presented in the documentation. If the legal format  for the
>> TMs is not followed precisely, then QA writes a bug against the
>> documentation. This requires me to modify the documentation and
>> republish the documents.
>> On the one hand, this is not a usability issue. No end user will care
>> or even notice this issue because the technical accuracy of the
>> documentation is not impacted. On the other hand, it is a big deal
>> from a legal perspective. My company has  specific legal guidelines
>> and they must be followed.
>> Its my responsibility to ensure that the documentation conforms to
>> those guidelines. At the same time, I know that considering the
>> complexity of the TM issue, how minor of a change can cause a
>> violation of the standard, and that I am the only one writing,
>> editing, and managing the documents, that things are bound to slip
>> through the cracks.
>> So here's my question: is there a plugin that will  automatically
>> check the documentation for conformance to trademark standards?
>> Please note that I am not interested in FrameScript.
>> -- 
>> Sincerely,
>> Joseph Lorenzini
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