Someone took my keyboard once while I was at lunch.

When I tracked it down the offender's explanation was "It didn't look like 
anyone was using it".

Phil Heron

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And if Martians abducted me I'd not be able to finish the document...

I've never heard of anyone "borrowing" a monitor that was on and connected to 
someone's computer. As well, it seems a reach...



The real problem with this is if you move all of your boxes and pods to 

the second monitor, and someone "borrows" your second monitor when you are 

in the rest room, when you get back you no longer have any FrameMaker 9 


> Finally, does anyone with FM use two screens? I am unhappy with all these 

> boxes and pods in FM9 and would like them all on a second screen (which I 

> would have to buy). I have not learnt how to dock them yet. Any hints 

> gratefully received.


> Rob Shell


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