I too have multiple monitors and use Frame and the monitors as Mike has
described below. Best thing since the invention of sliced bread ;-)

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> Finally, does anyone with FM use two screens? I am unhappy with all 
> these boxes and pods in FM9 and would like them all on a second screen

I've got FM 9 running with three monitors. Multiple monitors are great!
I tend to keep a file manager and web browser up on the left and my main
work in the center. The righthand monitor is a high-end color correction
I usually only fire it up when I'm also working on graphics, but it also
comes in so handy for those times that I really need a lot of windows
With FM, you can put the various panels/pods on one (or more) of the
peripheral monitors, and keep your central screen free to display only
the document you are working on. You can even have multiple FM documents
open on multiple monitors.

Mike Wickham


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