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> You can even have multiple FM documents open on
> multiple monitors.

Although FM still doesn't offer multiple window views of a single
document in FM 9, it's always been possible to launch FM multiple
times, and open additional copies of one document for viewing
different parts of the same document at the same time. When you open
an open document in another FM instance, FM displays a message that
the document is open, and offers the options of opening an untitled
editable copy, a view-only copy, or opening the document for editing
again (with a caution.) The safest choice is to open a read-only copy,
because you can copy content from it by pressing Ctrl (Shift+Ctrl if
using FM in a Windows virtual environment on a Macintosh) and dragging
to select text for copying. Working with only one editable window and
one or more uneditable windows avoids the problem of saving the wrong
version over the correct one. In FM 9, the Track Text Edits feature is
very helpful to keep things straight; in earlier releases, you can
apply condition tags, save progressive edited versions and use File >
Utilities > Compare Documents to monitor changes.

Multiple monitors make the process easier, but you can customize your
working view on a single monitor by Right Clicking on the Windows task
bar to present the option of tiling active (non-minimized)
applications, similar to tiling document windows in a single



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