I'm having two problems with a TOC (using Frame 9 p237).

1. The page numbers for a lot of the TOC entries are wrong. When I click 
on the links they go to the right pages, but not the pages listed in the 
TOC. It starts in the middle of one of the chapters - the page numbers 
in the TOC is one page later than the actual page. This is really weird. 
I haven't seen this type of problem yet in Frame. I don't see any 
problem in the file at the point where the problem starts. Could the 
file be corrupt?

2. I inserted a LOF as a text inset at the end of the TOC. When I update 
the book, the LOF jumps to the front of the TOC and instead tern into 
plain text instead of a text inset.

Any ideas?

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