Short Answer:
Longer answer with mini rant:
It is just a conditional format except we can't adjust its properties.
(although, I have had some success saving it down to 7.2 and adjusting
it there). 
It is a particular pet peeve of mine.  People are used to seeing added
text in red - and the green just throws them off (I got a lot of calls
when we switched to FM8).   That is why people often call track
changes/track text edits Red-line/strikeout.  I also don't believe Adobe
realized that people are red/green color-blind when choosing the colors.
One of our engineers has an especially difficult time because of this. 
If we get lucky, they will fix it in 10.  

Karen D
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Subject: Can we change the track text edit marker colours in FM8?


Having just discovered the useful track edit tool, I wonder if it is
possible to change the colour/underline that the edited text is given?

For example, I'd like to change the marker for inserted text from forest
green to a brighter colour.

I can't find anything in the FM8 user guide, nor on the internet. If
anyone knows of a backdoor way to do this, please let me know!


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