Thank you for your quick response David. I cant get by the Missing File
window. I can click on ignore or skip 100 times and Frame just keeps
redisplaying the Missing File window. Frame will not allow me to skip or
ignore, I cannot get access to the Frame file unless I update to the new


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The only way that I can see is that something in the path or filename of
the graphics must be different or you aren't saving the Frame file once
you have redirected the file to point to the proper graphic file

When you open a Frame file, that can't locate a referenced graphic, and
you select to skip this file, the next time you open that particular
Frame file, it will again ask for the correct graphic file location,
even if you have saved the file.

Check the path and filename of the referenced graphic files. The
complete path and filename MUST remain identical.

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Subject: Import by Reference Question/Bug ?

Hi Framers, 

I have Frame 8 with all the updates/patches running on a WinXp system
with 3gig RAM, 500gig HD, and a 2GHz Core 2 CPU. I have about 55
drawings imported by reference in a single Frame file. When one or more
of the imported by reference drawings changes, Frame gives the option to
update the path to the drawing or to skip the file or ignore all missing
files. When I try to select skip this file or ignore all missing files,
frame just redisplays the Missing File window. I have made sure Frame is
not looking for a different drawing, I cannot get Frame to skip or
ignore. Anyone ever had this problem, thank you all in advance for your


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