Richard Melanson wrote:

>  Boy do I feel stupid  :-)
> I am trying to open a file to save it as a MIF file to "clean out any
> impurities" that I am unable to open because of the impurities. I
> get by the Missing File box!   HELP  :-)

Um, you can't open it because it can't find one or more graphics
imported by reference, right? 

Well, I hate to repeat myself, but: "I have to wonder why the file path
or name of your imported-by-reference drawings keeps changing. What is
it about your workflow that causes this problem to keep coming up? Maybe
you can fix that part so this just doesn't happen anymore." 

Or to deal specifically with the immediate problem: 

1) In the Missing File dialog, FM tells you the path and name of the
file that's missing. Make a note of it, and then cancel. 

2) Put a file of the correct name in the correct location -- preferably
the actual file that should be used, but any file of that type will do. 

3) Try opening the FM file again. If the Missing File dialog reports
another missing file, try the Ignore option, and if that doesn't work,
repeat step 2. 

4) Repeat step 3 until the FM file opens. 

Once it's open, you can try the MIF wash business, but I strongly
suggest you instead focus on finding out why you keep having these
missing file problems and fixing that. 


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