Too late to help now, but it is for this *exact* reason that I use a variable 
for the "product name" and other similar "likely-to-change' information inside 
the document.

Then, using the BookVars tool from Leximation, life is greatly automated to 
make these kinds of changes! :)

As a temporary fix (I don't like this, by the way - since it is better to 
change the "golden master"), you could edit the PDF and change it in there 
directly ... headers would be relatively straightforward, but text inside the 
body might be tricky - particularly if you use justification, for example.


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They changed the product name! And AFTER the book was done,?pdf'd and sent 
overseas for printing!

I put a hold on it, but now have to go back and change the headers to indicate 
the new model name.

Other than opening each book file and changing the header text one file at a 
time, is there a global method?


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