I have the same problem, only with Acrobat.  So far I've just been using 
everything but Acrobat, and not generating PDFs.  Thank goodness for Reader and 
older versions of Maker.  I haven't had the courage to try un-installing all 
the products and installing again.  Somehow I doubt I'll ever have a fully 
capable TS2 on my system.  I certainly don't want to throw away many hours of 
time wrestling with this problem, considering it's like throwing money away...  
I'm sure I've spent 10 hours already, which is approaching the cost of the 

Any help or advice around this issue would be greatly appreciated!


I have a fully licensed version of TCS2 on my laptop. I first installed it
as the trial version, then entered my serial number when I got it.

I've not had any issues with testing out RH and FM, but I notice now when I
open Distiller, I'm being asked for a serial number. I'm able to open all
other parts of TCS 2, including RH, FM, Acrobat (not Distiller), PhotoShop,
and Captivate. These all recognize that I've already entered a serial
number. Only Distiller does not.

I understand that the problems I've heard about started with licensing
issues with Acrobat. I've also heard that some of the solutions to this
problem cause more problems.

Does anyone know of a script that will fix this licensing issue with
Distiller and not hose up my TCS 2 installation and my laptop?

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