Hi Steve,

The first thing I would do is save the file as MIF and reopen it.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.
rick at frameexpert.com


FrameMaker 7.0p577, Mac OS X 10.4.11, FrameMaker files possibly with some
Word dross. (Yes, i know it's an old version, best I can do at present.)

The spell check stops in the space before a cross-reference, showing 'Extra
space?'. There is no supernumary space in the text on screen. The objects
displayed in the spell check dialog show a period followed by a character
that looks like a small circle with an arrow at about 320 degrees. Neither
of these objects occur in the text on screen. Repeatedly clicking 'Start
checking' does not move the spell check past the offending text.

Retyping the relevant text and reinserting the cross-reference does not
affect this behavior. The text in the file is fine on the screen and in PDF,
but the spell check is responding to something invisible in the file that
appears to be resistant to removal.

Anyone any ideas? This sort of thing spooks me. I am already aware of the
adjudications for safe handling of material from Word, but it's far too late
to redo any of this.


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