Hi Richard,

If you are using FrameScript anyway, you could use FrameScript to populate
the table headings correctly.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc.
rick at frameexpert.com


I am attempting to translate a series of elements into in a table on 
import into framemaker (Fm9). The scope is that I only need to produce a 
printed version (using Framescript) of the document, it is not necessary 
to parse out the .xml afterwards. 

In the original .xml  this was a list (The container for each item was 
equip-name, containing 4 elements (title, part-no*, spec*, qty*), having 
added table elements to the edd and translated with RW rules to table 
elements; on import this translates into a four-column table using 
equip-name as the row element, and title, part-no, spec, qty as cells . 
Although adding a headrow populates with blank elements (entry) I am 
unable to use context rules to add autonum/text to populate all four 
column headings, context rules only seem to work where tables have three 
columns or less; where using first, last , middle, between etc is 

Can anyone help?



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