Hello. I have a tiny problem that is driving me nuts. I received a Word 
file and copy and pasted the text into FrameMaker (6.0p405 on Win XP) as 
text. Everything was fine until I went to print the resulting PDF (Acrobat 
Pro 9.1.0) and discovered that one character in the whole document was not 
printing (I tried 3 different HP printers), but it was visible in both the 
Frame and PDF files. When I copy and paste from the PDF into a text 
editor, that character shows.  I've retyped the text, and because of the 
recent discussion about a character causing issues with spell check, I 
tried the save as MIF route to no affect. I've even retyped the text in 
MIF, but still no change.  I worked around the problem (we needed to get 
it published asap) by applying a character tag to the character using a 
similar font to our default of Times, but I'd still like to get this 
resolved and not rely on the work around.

Here's the MIF, in case anyone is interested, and, of course, any help is 
greatly appreciated.

The offending character is the A in "Although". I've included the line 
above it and some text following the word.

  <Unique 403755>
  <PgfTag `Head1First'>
   <TextRectID 191>
   <String `Application and Settings'>
  > # end of ParaLine
 > # end of Para
  <Unique 403759>
  <PgfTag `BodyTxtFirst'>
   <TextRectID 191>
   <String `Although the '>
    <VariableName `Relay Name'>
    <Unique 403757>
   > # end of Variable
   <String ` can be used with battery voltages ranging from 24'>
   <Char HardSpace>
   <String `Vdc to '>
  > # end of ParaLine

Eric Isaacson
Product Literature Manager
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

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